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Welcome to B&D Industries

In business since 1990 B&D Industries first began manufacturing fencing and gates in the Penrith area of N.S.W Australia. With the success of our fencing and gates firmly cemented, B&D Industries next began developing and manufacturing our popular Postlock Security devices for cars, bikes, and properties. Now B&D Industries offer a range of products and services including the new Twister Car Body Rotisseries and Telescopic Vehicle Jacks and services including car restorations welding and recently ceramic coatings. Browse this website for more details on our products and services and contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs.

Postlock Security

Secure your property STOP raids and deter burglary. Postlock Security devices are available for your car, bike, home or business. Our postlock security devices have been thoroughly tested and are award winning. Click here for more info about Postlock security deicves and look through our gallery for photo's of how Postlock is being used to protect cars, bikes and properties.
  • Proven reliability
  • Award winning product
  • Insurance recommended
  • Revolutionary locking system


Twister Rotisseries

One of our newest and most exciting products, twister car body rotisseries give any person doing vehicle body work the ease and flexibility to access all parts of your cars body. Our twister car body rotisseries will fit even the biggest cars. Check out our gallery for more details.
  • Australian made product.
  • makes your job easy.
  • restore your underbelly with a twister.
  • Build it right the first time.


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Telescopic Jacks

Our telescopic jacks allow

Image Comming Soon

Image Comming Soon

Image Comming Soon

Our Services

B&D Industries can offer customers more than just great products. We offer a range of services includings vehicle restorations. Being car enthusiasts ourselves with lots of experience we have the skills and passion to turn you project car into a work or art. Visit our car gallery here for a sample of some of our car restoration work. 

B&D industries are now offering ceramic coatings at competitive prices and we can also provide welding services. Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs with us.


July 15, 2011
B&D Industries Launches New Site

B&D Industries are proud to launch our new website which incorporates all of our products and services together in one place. Browse this website for all the info you need on our great products including Postlock Security Systems and Twister Car Body Rotisseries and our Telscopic Vehicle Jacks.

May 12, 2004
Postlock Gets Gold Medal Award of Merit
B&D Industries is awarded the international INPEX award for it's innvotive Postlock security devices. Awared to proprietor Boz Klinsic in Pittsburgh, PA USA.

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